The University of Nairobi through C4D Innovation Lab has created a very prestigious position of Student Innovation Ambassador. Every year, a set of new students will be competitively enrolled for the program.
“We initially wanted to recruit 2 students to champion this agenda but during the interviews, 4 students did very well and we decided to expand to the 4 students,” reported Dr. Omwansa to the NIW Secretariat and partners.

Dr. Omwansa (center) withe the Student Innovation Ambassadors. He chairs the NIW committee.

Who are our Student Innovation Ambassadors for NIW2018? I recently got a chance to interact with them at the University of Nairobi, Chiromo campus.

Miss Senga

Agnes-Senga Tupper is a fourth-year student at the university pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Design. She hails from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. As an international student, she finds the Kenyan innovation ecosystem diverse and driven by the younger generation. She sees herself owning  a furniture line with stores in Kenya and Tanzania within the next 5 years. 

“As a young designer and entrepreneur, I strongly believe that given the right platform, youths are capable inventing the future we want. I believe in Human Potential to solve social problems through Innovation and Technology,” says a lively Agnes. Follow her @agnesstupper on twitter.

Mr. Gakuna

Kelvin Gakuna Kamau a.k.a G.K. is a first-year student pursuing an arts degree at the university. G.K. is a performing artist bring urban chemistry to Kenyan music. He is currently working on bigger projects and shooting a video to be released at the turn of the year. Kelvin see’s himself as a musician entrepreneur in the next 5 years. He says he will combine his artistic skills with business sense. 
“I believe you should not underestimate your potential,” says a very energetic Kelvin. Follow him @Gksirkal on twitter.

Miss King’erechi

“Let us transform the world and make a lasting impact. The change is you and I and the future depend on us. Indeed, what we behold we become,” says a very enthusiastic Miss King’erechi. “I believe that everyone has a seed of greatness instilled in them,” she continued.

Euphemia Kerubo King’erechi is a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Biosystems Engineering at the university. Euphemia has a passion for the younger generation, she currently mentors students in high school and active in Girl Child Foundation. Follow her @euphykerry on twitter.

Mr. Kirawa

Lusi Spencer Kirawa is a pursuing a Master of Science degree in Nuclear Science with a keen interest in Biosystems Engineering and renewable energy. Spencer describes himself as a born scientist, passionate about innovations in his line of study. According to Mr. Kirawa, Kenya lags behind in embracing nuclear technology due to public perception but with active campaigns and eduction on nuclear technology, we will have reduced power prices and spur industrial growth.

“I believe that people and nature must coexist and care for each other. If innovations do not improve the quality of life to a third party, they are of no value,” says Mr. Kirawa. Follow him @wuokirawa on twitter.

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  1. Incorporating student ambassadors is a fresh idea for Innovation week event waited upon anxiously by students and staff. We are looking forward to intriguing innovations spearheaded by the championing of the selected ambassadors.

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