On 31st January 2018, application for the NIW.Startups officially closed. Up to these point, over 350 startups had applied for admission into the NIW.Startups. NIW.Startups is a new category at the 4th edition of the Nairobi Innovation Week. Of the startups that applied for admission into the program, 183 have been successfully shortlisted in various categories after the first round of vetting. Each of the 183 startups will be assessed by at least 3 judges each. The top 10 startups from 10 sector categories will form part of the 100 pitches at the event.

Some of the categories will be collapsed into single categories to an aggregate total of 10 categories.

What are the Categories?

  • Clean technology and Renewable Energy
  • Ecommerce & Business Services
  • Fintech
  • Education
  • Hardware
  • Agriculture
  • Governance & Civic Tech
  • Health
  • Manufacturing & Processing
  • Entertainment
  • Student innovations
  • Transport & Logistics

What are the timelines?

  • Feb 10th – 12th: Compilation and Category Postings
  • Feb 13th – 14th: Announce 100 Pitches
  • Feb 27th – 28th: Announce 15 most promising startups
  • March 5th – 7th: 10 Pitching in 10 thematic tracks
  • March 9th – Most Promising Startups Pitch

The successful startups admitted to the NIW.Startup program will go through training in conjunction with various startup enablers we have partnered with. The 100 selected will get to pitch to investors, potentially on national television. The expected investors at the event include Angels, Foundations and VC Funds.

NIW2018 has made NIW.Startups the heart of the event. This year, NIW will fete 15 Most Promising startups during the closing ceremony. We live in a very competitive world and startups have to constantly innovate to keep up with the very dynamic demands of their customers and potential clients. 

Have you registered to attend #NIW2018? Look out for Kenya’s 15 Most Promising Startups 2018 at this years event.

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