The Nairobi Innovation Week set to begin on 5th March 2018 is proud to announce the Power on the Hour segment set to begin Wednesday 7th March moments after the opening ceremony. NIW2018 will be the biggest event since the inauguration in 2015.

What is the Power on the Hour?

A #PowerOnTheHour stage is set for physical interactive forums in the exhibition area. Ten strategic moments for the ten hours are created starting Wednesday 2PM until Thursday 4PM of the NIW. Five minutes before the hour, an alert is made from the stage, calling for attention. The actual interactions start right on the hour and last between 10 and 15 beamed over a Public-address system connected around the exhibition area.

There are 10 slots up for grabs. The The ten slots are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Priority will be given to organizations with more than one booth during NIW or sponsors. There are extra slots that may be procured through the NIW Chairperson.

For publicity purposes before the events, the NIW communication team will aggressively publicize slots time on digital platform for several days ahead of the week. The organization or companies that have been slotted the power on the hour will also publicize themselves in preparation.

During the actual event, the stage will be  branded, showing the organization that is running the #PowerOnTheHour slot. The allocated organization needs to plan the branding Videography and photography team will capture key moments of #PowerOnTheHour and publish on appropriate platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Traditional Media will be attracted for specific #PowerOnTheHour slots as shall be considered appropriate by the media houses.. The allocated organization will play a key role in managing media.

Some of the organisations that have been allocated a Power on the Hour slot include Barclays Bank, Homeboyz radio and NIW.Startups.

Interested in #PowerOnTheHour?
Contact NIW Chairman,
Dr. Tonny Omwansa.
Twitter: @tomwansa

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