On Monday 5th March 2018, the University of Nairobi opened its gate to delegates attending the 4th edition of the Nairobi Innovation Week. This year’s theme was ‘Innovating for a Better Tomorrow’.  With this in mind, the event was designed to live a lasting impact within our ecosystem and the region. We had visiting delegations from as far as Finland and Nigeria. They were treated to over 100 exhibitions and about 60 side-events. The startup agenda was at the heart of NIW2018, we had the #NIW100pitches and winners were feted during the closing ceremony of the event on 9th March. Moreover, the African Development Bank High 5’s Challenge winners were announced during this ceremony.

Panel Discussion

Monday 5th marked the first day with various side events taking place during the day. NetBizImpact had organized a pitching session by startups in Agri-business. About 2 experienced business and innovations specialists interacted with the startups during and after the pitching. They focused on scaling on diagnostics that included a quick evaluation of the business model, innovation development stages, their target market among other business viability analysis. The NIW.Startups 100 pitches began on this date with startups in business services pitching. Other side events were organized by UNESCO, Netfund, IBM among other. The side events continued on Tuesday 6th just before the official opening of the innovation week.

CS Amina Mohamed during the opening ceremony.

CS Amina Mohamed – Ministry of Education, CS Adan Mohamed – Ministry of Industrialization and CS Joe Mucheru – Ministry of ICT attended the official opening ceremony of the Innovation Week 2018. The Cabinet secretaries lauded the University of Nairobi for its efforts in support of innovation, setting the bar high for other academic institutions and for growing the Nairobi Innovation Week brand. CS Amina Mohamed promised that her ministry will continue supporting the innovation week as a strategic partner in subsequent years.

Thursday 8th March was quite a busy with the numerous exhibitions showcased at the event. The venue was ‘The Great Court’ at the main campus. Innovators and exhibitors had very creative ways that solve problems facing us showcased at the event. Lunette’s innovative way of empowering the use through use of the menstrual particularly attracted delegates as it was a business opportunity for them as well.

NIW glamorous side events.

Friday 9th marked the last day of the innovation week with CS Mucheru delivering his keynote address at the same time thanking the organizing committee for a job well done. He went on to encourage investors to invest in Kenyan startups, it is lucrative. NIW2018 has been the most successful event up to date. We look forward to working with our partners post innovation week, launching the startups that graced the event into business success and seeing you at NIW2019… It will be big, it will be better. It’s a wrap for NIW2018.

Look out for more posts on innovations that adorned the innovation week 2018.

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