“Start Up,” said Dr. Omwansa as he concluded one of the plenary sessions at the Nairobi Innovation Week 2018 earlier this month. He was delivering his keynote speech at one of the side events that had attracted mostly student delegates.
In recent years, employers have been asking for a HELB (Higher Education and Loans Board) clearance or compliance certificate as a prerequisite for employment. A student should start repaying their loan within 1 year after school completion or else they attract penalties. On top of this, you might have extended your stay at school due to the numerous strikes by both students and staff at the university.
What does this mean? You will leave school and enter a very unforgiving and very competitive job market with very limited opportunities.
“We encourage students within to innovate and start their own businesses, we will guide and mentor them on the best business practices,” says Dr. Omwansa.

C4DLab has a Start Up incubation program where hopeful startups can apply to be incubated at the lab. These startups will get mentorship and training from a pool of leading mentors, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, academics and industry experts. They will be provided with ample office space to set up. Visit our website for more details.
Why do you need to Start Up? Starting up a business venture is probably one of the most difficult things you will ever have to do. It requires a lot of time to plan and research the market, come up with a business plan and look for funding. However, the lessons you learn from the experience are invaluable, every business has a starting point, start up. With your own startup business, you are your own boss and your job is always secure.
Plan, research and start up.

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