To be the go-to innovation platform that shapes the innovation ecosystem in the region.


    To contribute towards a vibrant, productive and sustainable national innovation ecosystem through policy influence, show casing, innovation research dissemination, networking, capacity building, investment and support opportunities.


    To champion policy discussions on innovation within institutions and the country.

    To showcase/exhibit and recognize innovations by startups, researchers, incubatees and organizations.

    To promote practical skills necessary to create innovations that truly impact on people and societies.

    To provide a support mechanism for innovations that have been developed to scale.


    Engage policy makers on the growth and support of the innovation ecosystem in Kenya.

    Create linkages between the diversity of stakeholders in the industry.

    Learn about existing innovations and inventions that benefit others.

    Support local and international collaboration in applied research by private and public innovation facilitators.

    Increase the visibility of innovations and innovators in Kenya and the region.

    Stimulate and promote entrepreneurship spirit among the youth in Kenya and the region.


    Policy makers from government.


    Entrepreneurs with innovations or seeking to introduce innovation in their businesses.

    Corporate companies wanting to showcase latest innovations or looking to introduce new innovations that would increase productivity and profitability.

    Innovators from national and regional institutions such as universities, research institutions, technical, vocational and entrepreneurial training (TVET) Institutions.

    Students with innovations or interested in learning more about innovation.

    Community members who have or interested in innovative ideas.

    Investors, venture capitalists, international organizations and development partners.

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